ExtroBritannia's September meeting: "The engineering approach to life-extension", with Aubrey de Grey

The next ExtroBritannia meeting is scheduled for Saturday the 6th of September 2003, in Cambridge. The theme of the get-together is "The engineering approach to life-extension". Life-extension researcher and promoter Aubrey de Grey will give a presentation on the subject, followed by an informal Q&A/discussion session.


We will meet at 12,00 noon at the Salisbury Arms, 76 Tenison Road, Cambridge CB4 1PA, not far from the train station, and will order lunch at about 12,30. If this is your first time at an ExtroBritannia meeting, look out for a copy of Ray Kurzweil's "The Age of Spiritual Machines" being displayed at the table we'll be sitting at.

If you cannot make it for lunch, you can still reach us at the Salisbury Arms until about 2pm, when we'll decamp for the university's department of genetics, for the presentation.


For further info on Aubrey de Grey and his work:


Engineered Negligible Senescence

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