Nanoscience: a discipline whose time has come - The Lancet calls for the submission of papers in the field of nanoscience.

The progress toward the development of full molecular nanotechnology continues to snowball. According to The Lancet, "Nanoparticles and nanocapsules could be effective delivery systems for drug and gene therapies. Nanostructures offer novel means for body or organ imaging. Nanotweezers and surgical tools only a few nanometres thick are already in development. Nanoprobes may be able to add diagnostic specificity to biopsy studies. And on the margins of nanoscience, there are even suggestions that nanorobots will be able to travel through the body searching out and clearing up diseases, such as a arterial atheromatous plaque. Clinical departments of nanoscience have sprung up in several universities."

Now The Lancet has published a call "for the submission of research articles, reviews, viewpoints, and hypothesis papers in the field of nanomedicine". The closing date for submissions is Dec 31, 2003 and a thematic issue of the journal is being planned for the spring of 2004.

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