WATCH THIS: Nick Bostrom of the World Transhumanist Association makes his case for radically extending the human lifespan.

A BBC website designed to mimick the workings of a court of law and dedicated to the debate about life-extension: "Welcome to the Court of Opinion... How long would you like to live? Advances in genetics may soon extend our lives by decades - for some conjuring hope of a life that goes on for centuries. But would you want to live forever?"

Nick Bostrom makes his case in this Real One Player clip and interviews Max More, founder of the Extropy Institute, transhumanist artist Natasha Vita-More and Gregory Stock, author of Redesigning Humans. Four expert witnesses contribute their opinion and it is interesting to note how the main opponents to life-extension seem to be the environmental campaigner and the theologian... Incourangly enough, though, the results of the vote are that 31% of respondents do NOT want to live forever, 3,5% don't know, and the rest voted yes, to various degrees.

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