The big GM controversy

The Royal Society has released the first batch of results from the government-sponsored "Farm Scale Evaluations" of GM crops, and everyone is claiming victory...

According to Greenpeace, "UK research confirms that GM crops will harm the environment", while, according to CropGen "The Farm Scale Evaluations show that, contrary to what campaigners have been asserting for years, GM technology, if managed properly, can benefit the environment as well as farmers and consumers" The common sense conclusion seems to be that GM crops are not a single monolithic technology that will either kill us or save us, but a vast field of different technologies and applications. The study in question points out that two of the applications tested have a heavier impact on wildlife than conventional agriculture and that one (maize) has a lighter impact, which is exactly the point of Farm Scale Evalutation trials: to test which GM crops can be safely planted in the UK.

For the full Farm Scale Evaluation results from the Royal Society, click HERE

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