ExtroBritannia's contribution to the Methuselah Mouse Prize

The Methuselah Mouse prize is an initiative designed to further the development of truly effective anti-aging interventions, by promoting public interest and involvement in research on mammalian life extension and by encouraging more such research to be done. At ExtroBritannia, we have decided to put our wallet where our mouth is and have collected a total of £245 ($409) toward the prize fund (see donors list).

Should you be interested in donating to the prize, you have two options:

1) Donate via ExtroBritannia: join our mailing list and let us know how much you want to pledge, or simply bring your donation along to one of our meetings.

2) Donate directly to the Mathuselah Mouse Prize and have your name proudly listed in the donors page.

Either way, do not miss this easy opportunity to do something useful to potentially extend your own life!

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