Are you a Futurehuman?

Channel 4 and Professor Gunther Von Hagens (the man behind last year's Body Worlds exhibition and public autopsy) are searching for a terminally ill patient donor to take part in a television programme to redesign and 'perfect' a human body and preserve it for posterity at the Science Museum in London.

From the Channel 4 Futurehuman website: "Futurehuman aims to 'improve' upon evolution by making alterations to a donor's body after their death. The changes will be based on the decisions of leading experts in fields such as anatomy, evolutionary biology, surgery and mechanical engineering. The 'futurehuman' will then be displayed at the Science Museum's new Dana Wing, which is dedicated to cutting edge science. Professor von Hagens says: This person will be a landmark human being. They will pave the way for a future life with a more healthy, capable and longer lasting body."

An interesting exercise, if slightly macabre... might even help in further mainstreaming the deeply transhumanist concept of improving on human evolution by technological means (but what about doing that before the donor's death? Now, that would be unmissable viewing...)

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