BTA RELOADED: Building British Transhumanism. London, Thursday the 15th of April 15 2004, 7-9pm

A meeting to discuss an agenda for British transhumanism and the relaunching of the British Transhumanist Association

Here at ExtroBritannia we are always very interested in transhumanist events and in what the various transhumanist associations get up to. Obviously, then, something happening in London and involving our good friends at the BTA is just unmissable! So, if you want to talk transhumanism and can't wait till the next ExtroBritannia meeting (later this month - check the blog soon for further details) make your way to Community Technology (at the junction of Shakespeare Road and Coldharbour Lane).

Unit F9
First Floor
245a Coldharbour Lane
London, SW9 8RR

Telephone 020 7733 3334


At the event will be present, among others, Nick Bostrom, Chair of the World Transhumanist Association and Fellow in Philosophy at Oxford University and J. Hughes, Secretary of the World Transhumanist Association.

The full announcement and details

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