ECO-FUNDAMENTALISM - Eco-Terror Cited as Top Threat

An article on Wired examines the growing menace of eco-terrorism

According to the FBI, eco-terrorism is the major domestic terror threat in the US, having already caused $110 million in property damage since 1976 (and that doesn't account for lost research, increased security costs, lost productivity and abandoned grants). And in the UK? Well, a leading animal rights fondamentalist organisation (SHAC) was born in Birmingham... read on:

"In the early 1990s, biotech executives and scientists were
inundated by harassment and violence in the United Kingdom
and Europe. In 1996, the violence began spreading to the
United States [...] The FBI has linked much of the harassment
and violence to groups including SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal
Cruelty), the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation

"SHAC's stated purpose is to shut down UK-based Huntingdon
Life Sciences, one of the largest animal-testing companies in
the world, because it uses primates, dogs, rabbits, pigs and
other animals for research. SHAC has targeted Huntingdon directly.
In February 2001, SHAC members beat the company's president, Brian
Cass, with clubs outside his home in the United Kingdom while his
wife and 3-year-old child looked on. He survived and remains head
of Huntingdon. One attacker served three years for the incident."

The threat of international terrorism at the hand of a different kind of fundamentalism was underestimated until 9/11, the article concludes. Do we need to see someone killed by an eco-fondamentalist before this threat to progress is fully recognised and confronted?

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