Going Our Way?

Interesting article on TechCentralStation by James Pethokoukis examining the demographics of the United States in the next fifty years. There is an increase amongst culturally conservative groups (African-Americans and Latin Americans) that could direct politics away from enhancement or radical technologies.

Not necessarily the outcome posited given the unpredictable interaction between culture, politics and technology. Is there a similar development awaiting Europe as immigration increases from the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia?

Philip Chaston


Are "we" a cult?!

Andrew Orlowsky of The Enquirer thinks so - but the cults experts don't

So - are "we" a cult?! I guess the question would seem downright silly to anyone that has ever attended an ExtroBritannia meeting or that has lurked for a while in a transhumanist mailing list. I even hesitate using the word "we", given what a loose and fluid gathering "we" are, but most people have only occasionally heard of extropians or transhumanists through the media and the media do not always get their facts 100% right…

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ExtroBritannia - London meeting: Nanotech 101

The next ExtroBritannia get-together is scheduled for Saturday the 27st of March at 12,30pm in Holborn, London.

The theme of the meeting is: Nanotech 101 an introduction to nanotechnology and nanoscience. Our resident nanotech expert will give a presentation of the course he is preparing for potential use in Further Education.

WHERE & WHEN******************************************

If you want to attend, you have two choices:

1) you can show up at the Starbucks at the address below at 12,30 for a pre-meeting chat over sandwiches and caffeine

2) you can go directly to Conway Hall at 2,00 pm where we have hired the "Artists' Room".

If it's your first time at an ExtroBritannia meeting and you are going to the Starbucks pre-meeting, I'll be the guy clearly displaying a copy of Kurzweil's "The Age of Spiritual Machines" on the table we'll be sitting at.


High Holborn WC1, 90
90 High Holborn
London WC1V 6LJ

25 Red Lion Square,
London WC1R 4RL
tel 020 7242 8032