ExtroBritannia's October event

Nick Bostrom: The Simulation Argument - Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?

The next ExtroBritannia event is scheduled for Saturday the 9th of
October in Oxford. Entrance is free, and everyone's welcome.

This month, transhumanist philosopher Nick Bostrom will give us a presentation on The Simulation Argument, the idea that you might currently be literally living in a computer simulation, running on a computer built by some advanced civilization. Films like The Matrix and novels like Greg Egan's Permutation City have explored the idea that we might be living in virtual reality. But what evidence is there for or against this hypothesis? And what are its implications? We should take the simulation-hypothesis seriously - if we deny it then we are committed to surprising predictions about the future possibilities for our species.

Further information on the Simulation Argument.


The event is structured in two parts:

1) You can join us for a pre-event chat and lunch at a local (Japanese) restaurant between 12,00 noon to 1,45pm.

2) Nick Bostrom's presentation on the Simulation Argument, at the Faculty of Philosophy, University Of Oxford, between 2,00pm to 5,00pm (approx.)


The event:

Faculty of Philosophy,
10 Merton Street
University Of Oxford
Sub-Faculty Of Philosophy
10 Merton Street


PLEASE NOTE: in order to gain entrance to the event you will have to be at the above address at 2,00pm. Late arrivals will not be able to gain access to the premises.

The pre-event lunch:

15 Holywell Street
Oxford OX1 3SA


If it is your first time at an ExtroBritannia meeting, look out for a copy of Kurzweil's "The Age of Spiritual Machines" displayed on the table we'll be sitting at.