August to October 2006 schedule of events

A schedule of events for the next few months, to help planning ahead.

AUGUST - Consciousness

We have earmarked Saturday the 19th of August, 2pm, for a presentation on the subject of consciousness. Amon Twyman will be exploring the possible bases for a consistent "policy" on dealing with non-human entities in an ethical manner, including the various post-human scenarios we've heard described over the years, on the basis our scientific understanding of consciousness.

The venue will *probabibly* be Conway Hall (Artists' Room), but please keep an eye on the blog for confirmation.

SEPTEMBER - Simon Young on Transhumanism

Simon Young, author of "Designer Evolution - a Transhumanist Manifesto" and founder of the World Transhumanist Society will illustrate his vision for the future of the transhumanist movement.

The venue is likely to be Conway Hall. No date has been set yet, but our events are, usually, on a Saturday afternoon, toward the end of the month.

OCTOBER - Aubrey de Grey on the Mathuselah Mouse Prize

On the 21st of October, 2pm, Aubrey de Grey will give us an update on progress at the Mathuselah Mouse Prize. From the prize's website: The MPrize is the premiere effort of the Methuselah Foundation and is being offered to the scientific research team who develops the longest living Mus musculus, the breed of mouse most commonly used in scientific research. Developing interventions which work in mice is a critical precursor to the development of human anti-aging techniques, for once it is demonstrated that aging in mice can be effectively delayed or reversed, popular attitudes towards aging as 'inevitable' will no longer be possible. When aging in mice is shown to be 'treatable' the funding necessary for a full-line assault on the aging process will be made available. This is the true power of the Methuselah Mouse Prize, to demonstrate a proof of principle, and give hope to the world that decline in function and age-related disease are no longer guarantees, for us, or for future generations, if we work together now.

The venue will be the Club Room, at Conway Hall.


ExtroBritannia's July event

Our next event is scheduled for Monday the 24th of July 2006 starting at 7pm at Conway Hall (Bertrand Russell Room) in Holborn, London. The event is free and everyone is welcome.

Natasha Vita-More and Anders Sandbergs: Transhumanism 2.0 - Getting on track

Natasha Vita-More and Anders Sandbergs will discuss the way ahead for transhumanism, from the experience of the Extropy Institute to the promotion of the Proactionary Principle as the concept with the most potential to take us toward transhumanity.

25 Red Lion Square,
London WC1R 4RL
tel 020 7242 8032
Nearest tube: Holborn