ExtroBritannia's December meeting

The next ExtroBritannia get-together is scheduled for Saturday the 9th of December 2006, starting at 1pm in Holborn, London. Everyone welcome.

This month, we're having a pre-Xmas social event, so come along for lunch and transhumanist-related conversation (life-extension, cryonics, the singularity, nanotech, AI, etc, etc) and to meet other people interested in these subjects. This will also be a chance for UKTA directors, members and sympatisers to meet face to face and plan next year's activities.

We will be at the Penderel's Oak from 1pm and will stay until about 5pm. Feel free to show up at any time. If it's your first time at an ExtroBritannia event, look out for a copy of Kurzweil's "The Age of Spiritual Machines" at our table (a picture of the book's cover).

The Penderel's Oak
283-288 High Holborn
London WC1V 7HJ
Tel: 0207 242 5669
Nearest tube: Holborn