Informal lunchtime get-together: ideas and plans for the H+ year ahead

The next ExtroBritannia event is scheduled for Saturday the 17th of January 2009; 1:00pm - 2:00pm. Venue: the Penderell's Oak pub, 283 High Holborn, London WC1V 7HP (nearest tube stop: Holborn). The event is free and everyone’s welcome.

Anyone interested in Transhumanism and/or Extropian themes is welcome to join a lunchtime gathering in the pub that's been described as the spiritual home of transhumanism in the UK. If it's your first ExtroBritannia, look out for a table with a copy displayed of Eric Drexler's book, "Engines of creation". This get-together is being scheduled to fit in the lunch break of the day-long "Weird science" event organised by the Centre For Inquiry, London, that's taking place that day in the nearby Conway Hall. During our get-together, we'll have the chance to discuss ideas for H+ meetings and activities in the UK later in the year. We can also review how H+ fits with the Bad Science approach, and possible synergies with the Centre for Inquiry.

Note: anyone who wants to attend the lectures of the Bad Science event will need to register separately - and pay a small fee to the CFI London organisers. Use the above link.

Note: Participants from the Bad Science event will be retiring to Penderell's Oak after the Conway Hall lectures, from 4pm, so there will be a chance to take part in discussions at that stage too.